People Make The Difference

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As I told my Momma what I was doing yesterday afternoon (making a list and checking it twice, numbering and sorting items), she goes, “Stew Byars? The radio guy?” And I was silent for a minute, because I didn’t know that my mom even knew of Stewman. After I told her what was going on with Stew, she seemed heartbroken on the phone, and told me that on her way to work everyday in Union City many years ago, she would listen to Stew and laugh.

And working in the bitter place she did, that first laugh of the morning helped a lot.

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The One About The Benefit

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It was a good night as I look back.

A HUGE thank you to Holly and Scout, who live-blogged the event last night while I ran around like a raccoon on rabies. They sold T-shirts, DVDs, CDs and took cash donations.

Another big thank you to Olivia’s Opera House, whose servers and bartenders came in on their night off for the benefit.

Our tally for the night is still rough, but it appears we made roughly $10,000. This doesn’t include the money raised on the Internet.

I think folks had a good time last night and the best part of it is, the money all goes for a good cause.

There are too many people to thank here so what I will do is say this.

How far that little candle throws his beams!
So shines a good deed in a weary world.
~William Shakespeare

Thank you all.

Newscoma in the bathroom with a guy

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Aaaaaand, ‘Coma and a young man just emerged looking rather disheveled from the ladies’ bathroom. No comment.

Life lessons learned at the t-shirt table

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So it was bound to happen. Two people of English minds (one an English degree holder, the other an English teacher) were bound to eventually talk about life and its ins and outs when forced to sit together at a t-shirt selling table.

And it was bound to happen at a benefit held for a person such as the Stewman. Holly and I have just been discussing relocating and its…

[Ladies and gentlemen, this is liveblogging at its most raw and revealing.  When I–Holly–asked Scout if she had tylenol, she wasted no time in abandoning her sentence to find headache meds for a friend, pausing only to hand me the laptop and say, “finish this.”  So I–Holly–will try to complete her thought as best I can.]

…relocating and its…um…possibility of happening in my life?  That is what we were talking about, but I’m not sure what she was going to say.  What happened was that ‘Coma dropped by the table telling me they wanted to get me to move to Martin, and I was very touched.  As Scout and I talked a little more about it, though, I had to admit I’ve been planning on bailing out of the whole region.  (In the rare case that one of my bosses reads this, I’d still like to think I have a job waiting this fall if I need it, incidentally.)

Point being, we were speaking of this area and how cool the thing she, ‘Coma, SQ, and Badger have going on over here.  Like all English majors, though, we both know there’s more we could be doing elsewhere, possibly in the field of writing…we just don’t always know what it is.  For me, I know being here right now is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.  I just need to get near some mountains soon.

Of course I could go on and on, but this is about the Stewman, and the auction is still in full swing.  This is SUCH an awesome experience.

I’ll leave you with a joke I just made up:

Question:  How many postings before a blogger hijacks a blog intended for a benefit and turns it into blatant self-indulgence-fest?

Answer:  Er, apparently nine.

This could not be going any better.

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Holly here.

This auction is amazing.  I can’t see a thing that’s going on, as our little table is hidden behind a wall, but the bids keep going up and auctioneer keeps auctioneering with vigor.  ‘Coma just ran by and giddily showed us the copy of “The Young Ones” that was won for her.

I wish I could somehow tell you how much love is inside this woman.  Newscoma, that is.  I’m watching in awe as every person who comes through the door is greeted with a hug and that infectious husky laugh, and I have no doubt in my mind as to why this whole deal is shaping up to be such a success.

Back to it.  The tees are selling like hotcakes, as well they should, by the way.  Karaoke is next, I think.

This just in….

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We are raising money to get local radio personality Paul Tinkle to sing Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.”

Make those bids, people! Keep ’em coming!

He must do the accompanying dance as well.