The Kindness of the Blogosphere

I’m trying to keep an archive here for the Stewman so if you’ve written about the event, let me know:Here is a running tally of bloggers who have been so kind through comments at Stewman’s official Blog, those who have sent items and those who have linked to him about the event.

Scout said this:

I am looking forward to this upcoming Monday night when I will be selling shirts with Holly at the Benefit for the Stewman. Newscoma, Squirrel Queen and many others have been working hard to make this event a success and if I know anything about NC and SQ, this benefit should be an extravaganza not to be forgotten. If you will be near the Martin area, please stop in for some gigantic fun all for a wonderful cause.

Music City Bloggers:

Please consider donating via paypal if you can’t make it to the benefit!

Michael Silence of the Knoxville News Sentinel’s No Silence Here:

She’s helping a friend and she’s asking for help from bloggers. Please go help her out. This isn’t a first for the TN blogosphere, and it won’t be the last.


Tracy Sharp is flexing the power of the Internet to raise some funds. If you can, please go help her out. What she is doing represents the best of the Web.

(On a side note, there are hundreds people helping him out right now and it’s just about perfect and wonderful.)

Gen Between:

You guys have supported me the past couple of years, and, now I’m asking for your help again.

A friend of a friend has just started a site, and, he loves having visitors.

He’s also got cancer, and, he hasn’t been feeling well lately.

Nashville is Talking also included the event in a link up:

The Brilliant Holly Wynne is coming to join Scout and Killa to help sell T-shirts, DVDs and CDs to raise money. She offered to do that and we are just humbled and smitten.

Speaking of Killa, she organized the donations and tagged them as well as kept everyone level-headed when things got a bit hairy. She’s a lovely person and without her, we would have been lost.

Kathy T. donated a copy of her Wrinkles book, which is gloriously good. If you haven’t read it and want a copy (the one she sent has a hold on it) please go here. It’s really good, and you can read Sharon Cobb (who has also been amazing during this) to read a great review of it.

Also special thanks to Christian Grantham and Jeffraham Prestonian who have been very supportive across the blogosphere as well. We, once again, are honored and humbled.

If I’ve missed you, please leave a comment and a link. As I said, we are doing this for archiving purposes and I cannot tell you how much it is appreciated.

And, check on Stew yourself. He’s writing here.



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