Come and get your red hot t-shirts

R-E-D, H-O-T, Red hot, red hot red hot!!!

T-shirts are selling like hot cakes right now and the crowd is really beginning to pour in. Holly and I were just greeted by the Weakley County mayor and a few other dignitaries and the door is beginning to swing off the hinges with people coming in right and left.

The Opera House has never looked better. With Newscoma at the mic and the wall loaded to the gills with different auction items, this night will definitely be a night to remember.

Right now, Holly and I are talking about New Orleans amidst the t-shirt buyers and looking forward to the karaoke that is soon to come.

Newscoma must sing “Copacabana”. It simply must happen.

More later.

Reporting the news as soon as it becomes news.



One Response to “Come and get your red hot t-shirts”

  1. Umm, no. Love you, but no.

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