T-Shirts To Nashville

To our friends buying T-shirts from Nashville. I will deliver your wonderful and beautiful T-shirts in the next couple of weeks to The Sportsman’s Grill in lovely Hillsboro Village.I will set a date to visit later this week.

Malia from Live. Love. Laugh. and Bad Bad Ivy have made a commitment to buy one of these great T-shirts designed by the blogopshere’s own Squirrel Queen.


This is Newscoma, so just consider me your living, breathing version of UPS and it’s payment on delivery. 🙂

You can have one as well for the low price of $20 with proceeds going to the Stewman himself.

If you want one, send me your size and request to newscoma at gmail dot com.

It all goes to the Stew!


3 Responses to “T-Shirts To Nashville”

  1. I’m sure it’ll be a great shin-dig. Stew is lucky to have so many great friends who care so much about him. If the shirts are coming to the Sportsman’s Grille, I guess its incumbent on me to get one. I’m off to gladly PayPal some more money!

  2. I’ll buy at t-shirt, too!

  3. And I’m reminding myself that the beautiful Klinde needs a medium as well. You may see these crop up today.

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