Today Is The Big Day

The Friends of the Stewman event is this evening. If you can’t make the event, that’s groovy too but if you want to, leave a special message to Stew on this thread. We will be live-blogging the day right here. Words mean as much as money.

If, indeed you do want to make a cash donation, follow the directions here.

If you have any questions, send it to newscoma at gmail dot com.

We will try to keep it fresh all day and we wish to thank you for your help, your thoughts, your prayers and your commitment to helping the man behind the mic.


One Response to “Today Is The Big Day”

  1. Hey Stewman! I don’t know you personally, but I don’t have to to know that you are a groovy dude. Newscoma and Squirrel Queen are friends of mine and any of friend of theirs is has got something going for them! Man, I’m sure you realize how blessed you are so I won’t get all sappy about that. The thing is, I sure hope you get better. I hope you can beat this disease and show who’s boss! I hope you get many more years with your wife and kids.

    And I hope you have a kick @$$ time at your benefit tonight!

    Much love and hope,

    Malia Carden
    Nashville, TN

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