This could not be going any better.

Holly here.

This auction is amazing.  I can’t see a thing that’s going on, as our little table is hidden behind a wall, but the bids keep going up and auctioneer keeps auctioneering with vigor.  ‘Coma just ran by and giddily showed us the copy of “The Young Ones” that was won for her.

I wish I could somehow tell you how much love is inside this woman.  Newscoma, that is.  I’m watching in awe as every person who comes through the door is greeted with a hug and that infectious husky laugh, and I have no doubt in my mind as to why this whole deal is shaping up to be such a success.

Back to it.  The tees are selling like hotcakes, as well they should, by the way.  Karaoke is next, I think.


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